Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How we wash now...the multi-purpose bin

the multi-purpose bin
Very water-wise and surprisingly convenient, unless we get lazy for a day and procrastinate.  Then the pile seems insurmountable...We use water from a variety of sources.  Cleaning products: baking soda for pots and pans and difficult food stains (blender sometimes gets funky with chia seeds and fruit seeds) and lavender castille soap for everything else.  Both are gentle on cookware, silverware, plastic, our bodies and the environment.
After dishes are washed the bin is scrubbed with baking soda.  Laundry goes in next.  Clothes are soaked in the sun with a little castille soap -- mostly for fragrance and "suds" action.  Soapy water is dumped (without risk of harming any creature in the local environment) and bin is then refilled with fresh water to rinse clothing.  Wring then hang on line to dry in sun.  (Need to post a pic of our line...which is really a metal bar that extends or collapses.  Versatile for a family on the road!)

The bin is scrubbed once again with baking soda.  Sage takes a bath, sometimes with a teaspoon of baking soda and on other occasions she uses castille soap.  We wash her hair with castille soap, usually, and use conventional conditioner (usually something eco-friendly...but not always.)

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