Thursday, September 23, 2010

New friends

Our temporary "home" has brought us many new friends.  A gaggle of Hackberry Emperor butterflies dance around my shoulders when I walk along the wooded path.  Golden Garden Spiders spin webs on the junipers and over our camper and trailer.  One brave little squirrel is stalking me today while I write and Sage and Folsom nap.  My new scorpion friend hung around the sink in the women's bathhouse for two days before I remembered to tell David.  He liberated the poor guy last night.  Aside from very curious wood ants, there really are not a lot of pesky pests.  The ants do not sting, unlike their saucy cousins the fire ants.  So, really, they are just minor annoyances.  And, of course, the ducks love Sage.

the pied piper of ducks

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