Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's in a name?

I started this blog to document our adventures along this mobile odyssey.  I named it "4x4elvalor" because a) it rhymes and might be easy to remember and b) our vehicle-of-choice could take us to remote places (hence the "4x4" part) and with bravery (umm, yes.  That's where "el valor" comes in.)  Sadly, neither the 4-wheel-drive diesel truck we thought was (almost) invincible nor the slide-in truck camper, aka El Valor, survived our frightening crash in Austin this past March.  Our trailer -- that rolled and looked the worst post-accident -- actually was salvageable and has become our tiny-home-on-wheels.  Digressing here...surprising, eh?  (Insert sounds of dripping sarcasm.)

Our blog no longer represents our current means of living.working.traveling together.  It is now a tribute to our fallen friends, Daisy the Diesel 4x4 and El Valor the camper.  Our odyssey will continue, and our story will remain here, under 4x4elvalor, despite losing this blog's namesake.

Besides, where's the sexiness in a blog dubbed "truckwagon" or, simply, "trailer"?  Or any of the other names we have attempted to bestow on our beloved tiny home?  A rose is a rose is a rose...

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